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  • Terry Senft Post author

    It s with a broken heart that I had to put my fur baby Sox to sleep on April 5th. My heart is broken in a million pieces, she was my buddy, loyal friend, and baby girl ….she was born outside and we took her in when she was 2 months old….Sox was 13 or no older then 15, I can’t calculate her exact age at this time….all I know is she helped pull me out of my very deep depression of five years after I lost my boyfriend George unexpectedly, whom I was with for eight years….she taught me to smile, laugh, love, and live again and for that I will always be grateful. She was more like a dog than cat and followed me everywhere. It was so hard for me to make the decision in putting her down but she had lost so much weight with the hyperthyroidism, she was not eating, drinking, and started bumping into things the last few days of her life so I knew it was time. Funny how in the last couple of months though she must of known she was not going to be around much longer because she would jump on the reclining chair with me and sit on my lap just staring at me as if she was trying to study my face so she would not forget me. Sox was not a lap cat and she hated to be held but that was OK I knew she loved me as I loved her. We had her cremated and I picked up her ashes yesterday….so yesterday was a very hard day….they put her remains in a beautiful urn with her name inscribed, and gave me a ceramic paw print of hers, and this is when I really started to cry….they gave me a small packet of her fur that they shaved off and also the beautiful poem of the Rainbow Bridge. Before they took her back to put her to sleep they let me spend some private time with her…. when I unzipped her carrier to pet her and give her a kiss she had that look on her face that seemed to say don’t leave me Mommy I’m scared….I start to cry all over again when I remember that look. RIP my friend, run-play in the green meadows of the Rainbow Bridge until we are reunited once more…thank you so much Sox for being my cat but most of all my loving companion <3

  • TERRY senft Post author

    Tk you so much Green for giving my fur baby the dignity and care.

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