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  • Sydney Post author

    No compassion!!! , tried to upsell on urns before our horses body was even taken away. it was my moms horse and the paperwork was given to my dad to sign in which he said to call us tomm and no choices were “officially made” and we marked cremation before we knew prices/ (which is about Two grand plus pick up fee!!!! ) So we then decided to bury as we can’t afford that but they already cremated him not even a day later without us having a full picture/price. Then the woman berated my mom and my family when my mom asked to be charged burial price instead of cremation due to lack of clarity and her not being the one to make the decision. To which the woman, Nancy, then blamed our family dynamics and talked down on my mom for what? Being rightfully confused and challenging this? And guess what we still paid a thousand dollars for burial and pick up and this is how we were treated…. How could you ever throw shade at a family that just lost their family member of course we were confused and struggling. It was pouring rain we were trying to take care of eachother and our other grieving horse and all this happened within an hour of us losing him. Things like that steal the grace away…

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