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Map: 400 W Cooper Street, Sedalia, Missouri




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  • Nancie Underbrink Post author 11 months ago

    I rarely write a review of businesses I have had dealings with but in this case it is warranted. The Alexander May Funeral Home specifically Mr. May has turned the grieving of my son into a nightmare by using unethical business practices. Although I presented him with irrefutable legal documentation to receive my son’s ashes he made an immoral decision to hold my son’s ashes hostage in hopes of giving them to a reprobate relative. Mr. May did not follow the wishes of the deceased even though there was ample documentation. I had to retain an attorney to see that my son’s rights were enforced. Very sad, very sad indeed.

  • Nancie Underbrink Post author 11 months ago

    What happened to my review for the Alexander May Funeral Home in Sedalia Mo. ?


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