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  • Lisa Post author

    I would NEVER use this place again, they sent my dogs ashes back to me with a marker that looks like a coin inside, that was CHARRED, yes CHARRED, with my dogs remains on it?!?!?! I’m not talking about cremation remains, I’m talking about CHARRED remains. I spoke with Kevin and he was completely rude and unprofessional and sounded aggressive and angry. How can someone act like this that is even in charge of this type of service! Disgusting!! You should’ve heard how hostile he was with me? This place should be shut down!!! That should’ve never been sent back with my dogs remains!!! It has nothing to do with the fact that it was to identify my dog and be sent to the right person, should’ve never been sent like that!! You go through enough trauma losing your beloved furry family and then this happens ?! There is absolutely no excuse for this !! A person who cannot even admit to such a disgusting mistake, shouldn’t even be in this type of service. ZERO STARS!!! I was forced to leave a star, that’s the only reason there’s even one star marked. Kevin needs to take classes on professionalism and how to be compassionate!!!

  • Annette Fisher Post author

    I just picked up my dogs ashes from my local emergency vet. Got home and the latch on the box looked broke. Found the little nail in the zip tied plastic bag. Ashes were all over inside the bag because there was a 1” slit in the bag that held her ashes!
    It’s already traumatic enough to have to put your dog down but then to get a mess back is uncalled for! Doesn’t anyone take pride in their work anymore? I had to get a hammer and fix the latch and clean up the box!
    I read the previous review so I won’t bother to call them and let them upset me more!
    Yes, the metal id tag is old and rusty!
    This is just wrong and I will be filing a complaint with my local emergency vet.
    Don’t use this company!!
    I would not have left any stars either but it doesn’t give you any choice.

  • Annette Post author

    I just picked up my 13 year old dogs ashes from my local emergency vet. Wondered why it felt like there were ashes all over inside the bag. Got home and it looked like the latch on the box was broken. Opened the big plastic bag that was Zip tied shut and yes, ashes everywhere. One of the tiny nails for the latch was in the bottom of the bag and when I opened the box, the bag containing her ashes, it had a 1” slit in it so her ashes were going everywhere.
    I was going to call and complain but read the previous review and didn’t think I could handle someone being rude and nasty.
    Doesn’t anyone take pride in their work anymore?? What would make you think this is ok?? She was my baby for 13 years! She was my family!
    I wouldn’t give any stars either but it makes you give one for terrible!
    I will be telling everyone what happened and calling my local emergency vet!!

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