George Jones, a legendary country musician, singer, and composer from the United States, was known for his unique voice, phrasing, and vast collection of hit songs. At the time of his death in 2013, Jones had an estimated net worth of $35 million1​​2​.

Jones’s wealth was primarily amassed through his extensive music career that spanned from 1954 until his death in 2013. Throughout this period, he created numerous successful singles and albums. The majority of his income was generated from album sales and live performances, contributing to his impressive net worth​3​.

George Jones Had Greater Net Worth Than Willie Nelson

In the context of other country music stars, Jones’s net worth is notable, but not at the very top. For comparison, contemporaries like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson had estimated net worths of $60 million and $25 million respectively at their deaths. This places Jones’s financial success squarely within the range of some of the most successful country musicians of his era.

Who Inherited George Jones net worth?

When it came to the distribution of his wealth, Jones left most of his assets to his wife Nancy, according to his will filed in Nashville on May 22, 2013. These assets included their main house in Franklin, Tennessee, two additional homes in Brentwood and Nashville, as well as Jones’s car, jewelry, and musical instruments. He also provided for his children. For instance, his daughter Georgette Jones was bequeathed a bank account worth $50,000.

George Jones Inheritance Controversy

However, the inheritance was not without controversy. Jones’s daughter Susan Smith was not included in the will and subsequently filed a lawsuit against Nancy Jones in 2015. She claimed that her stepmother had prevented her from seeing her father in his final years and that she was entitled to a portion of Jones’s estate. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, with Susan receiving a $2 million payout​4​.

Although the precise breakdown of George Jones’s net worth at his death in terms of cash, property, and other assets remains unknown, it is clear that his successful career in country music allowed him to accumulate substantial wealth. His legacy continues not only through his music but also through the assets he left behind, which are now in the hands of his family.