Forest Home Cemetery, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a historical burial ground that has been serving the community since 1850. With its beautiful grounds, rich history, and peaceful atmosphere, Forest Home Cemetery is a dignified final resting place for many Milwaukee residents. This article will provide you with an overview of the cemetery, including estimates of how many people are buried there, the number of annual burials, plot costs, and relevant information for those attending a funeral service at the cemetery.


Forest Home Cemetery Burial Statistics

Forest Home Cemetery spans over 200 acres and is the final resting place of an estimated 110,000 individuals. The cemetery conducts approximately 500 to 700 burials annually, making it an active and well-maintained site. It is also the burial site of several notable figures, including prominent politicians, business leaders, and Civil War veterans.

Forest Home Cemetery Plot Costs

The cost of purchasing a plot at Forest Home Cemetery can vary depending on factors such as the location within the cemetery, the type of plot (single or double), and the type of memorial or marker allowed. Prices can range from $1,000 for a single plot in a less prestigious area of the cemetery to upwards of $10,000 for a more desirable location or a double plot. It is essential to contact the cemetery directly to obtain accurate pricing information and discuss available options based on your needs and budget.

Attending a Funeral Service at Forest Home Cemetery

For those traveling to Forest Home Cemetery to attend a funeral service, the following information may be helpful:

Forest Home Cemetery Address:

Forest Home Cemetery is located at 2405 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53215.

Forest Home Cemetery Parking

There is ample parking available within the cemetery grounds. Visitors are advised to follow posted signs and abide by any parking restrictions to ensure a smooth experience for all attendees.

Forest Home Cemetery Handicap Accessibility

Forest Home Cemetery is wheelchair accessible, with paved roads throughout the grounds. However, some areas may have uneven terrain, so it is recommended to use caution when navigating the cemetery.

Forest Home Cemetery Visiting Hours

Forest Home Cemetery is open to visitors from dawn to dusk daily. It is important to respect the cemetery’s hours and the privacy of other families attending services.

Forest Home Cemetery Restrooms

Public restrooms are available on the cemetery grounds, typically located near the main office or the chapel.

Forest Home Cemetery Gravestone Etiquette

When visiting the cemetery, please be respectful of the gravesites and avoid walking directly on top of them. Stick to the paved pathways and grassy areas between the headstones.

Forest Home Cemetery Floral Tributes

If you plan to bring flowers or other tributes to the funeral service, please follow the cemetery’s guidelines on acceptable items and placement. The cemetery staff can provide guidance on these rules.

Famous People Buried at Forest Home Cemetery

Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee is the final resting place for many notable individuals who have made significant contributions to the city’s history and culture. Some of the famous people buried at Forest Home Cemetery include:

  1. Frederick Pabst (1836-1904): A prominent brewer and founder of the Pabst Brewing Company, Pabst played a significant role in Milwaukee’s brewing industry.
  2. Frederick Miller (1824-1888): Another important figure in the city’s brewing history, Frederick Miller was the founder of the Miller Brewing Company.
  3. Patrick Cudahy (1849-1919): Patrick Cudahy was an Irish-American industrialist and founder of the Cudahy Brothers meatpacking company.
  4. Solomon Juneau (1793-1856): As one of the founders of Milwaukee, Solomon Juneau was the city’s first mayor, serving from 1846 to 1848.
  5. Charlotte Prentiss (1828-1901): A pioneer in the field of education, Charlotte Prentiss was the founder of the Milwaukee College, which later merged with Downer College and eventually became part of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  6. Byron Kilbourn (1801-1870): Another founder of Milwaukee, Kilbourn was a politician and businessman who helped develop the city’s infrastructure and transportation systems.
  7. George H. Walker (1811-1866): One of the founders of the Milwaukee village in 1835, Walker was a businessman and politician who played a vital role in the city’s early development.

These are just a few of the many notable figures buried at Forest Home Cemetery. The cemetery’s rich history and beautifully maintained grounds make it a fitting final resting place for these individuals who left a lasting impact on Milwaukee and its residents.