Christian Funerals

Praying for the Loss of Dog

When we pray for God’s comfort on their behalf, dogs will be assured that they are going to be in the presence of the Creator and can be at peace. We will be at peace as well.

Rites of a Christian Burial

The rites of a Christian burial ceremony are among the most important proceedings involved in celebrating the life of a brother or sister in Christ that has inherited their eternal reward. In most Christian funeral proceedings, there are four distinct

Christian Burial Speech

One of the most important aspects of a Christian funeral mass is the burial speech or sermon that is conveyed to those in attendance. This final message spoken at a funeral could cement one’s eternity in Jesus Christ. That is

What Makes a Funeral Home a Christian Funeral Home?

Despite a set of popular traditions and funeral customs, there are unique traits which distinguish a Christian funeral home from a secular funeral home. Standard funeral home services There is often familiar organ music playing in the background. A select