Valley Morning Star Obituaries

Valley Morning Star is a newspaper located in Harlingen, Texas.

Fake Cremation Ashes

Receiving cremation ashes can be an emotional experience for many

Cremation Costs for Every State

Funeral Fide has the most complete data set on USA

Books About Death

The staff at FuneralFide has put together this guide to

Kobe Bryant Autopsy

Kobe Bryant’s death in January 2020 was a tragic event

Above Ground Burial Vaults

An above ground burial vault is a type of burial

Tyre Nichols Funeral – February 1, 2023

Funeral arrangements for Tyre Nichols have been set, with civil

Typical Cremation Length

The actual cremation process typically takes about two to three

How to Not Cry at a Funeral

People commonly try to avoid crying at funerals out of

Sammy Davis Jr Funeral

Sammy Davis Jr. died of throat cancer on May 16,

Green Burials: The Environmental and Economic Funeral Option

Green burial is a death care process that aims to

15 Ways to Save Money On a Funeral

The modern funeral is an expensive occasion. According to The

Praying for the Loss of Dog

When we pray for God’s comfort on their behalf, dogs will be assured that they are going to be in the presence of the Creator and can be at peace. We will be at peace as well.

Unitarian Universalism Death & Funeral Readings

Unitarian Universalist end-of-life services tend to be based on the celebration of the life of the deceased. For Unitarian Universalists, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate a life.

Funeral Officiant Fees – 2023

When it comes to pastors, priests and rabbis who regularly work with the funeral home you have chosen, the funeral director will either already know what the price for their services are or be able to find out on your behalf very quickly.

Pet Cremation vs Aquamation: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to traditional cremation, there is a high variance in cost based on the animal species, size, and whether euthanasia is involved.

Aquamation cost more than cremation. Lots of equipment is needed, and that’s why funeral homes charge a lot to cover the cost of the equipment they use.

FuneralFide Survey Reveals How Americans Are Coping With Pandemic Deaths, America’s most detailed funeral home directory, today released the results of their latest survey revealing how Americans are adapting to death and aftercare services one year in to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Key Differences of Outer Burial Containers

No outer burial container, coffin, or casket can promise to

Alternative Containers for the Deceased

An Alternative Container is the term for the typically cardboard

How Soon After Death Should a Funeral be Held?

Roughly 80% of traditional funerals would fall within 5 to