About Us

In 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of Americans lost their lives—two of the deceased were family members.

Given the quarantine measures, it was impossible to go in-person to evaluate a funeral home that could take care of our family’s after-life needs. Online, we were disappointed that prices were unavailable, providers wanted to speak over the phone, photos were outdated, and full-service offerings not displayed.

The more funeral homes we talked to the less trust we had in the process. Trust that our loved one’s memories would be preserved properly. Trust that we would pay a fair price. Trust that the service would be a healing rather than stress.

In Latin, ‘fide’ means trust, faith, and sincerity. 

It is these three principles that we want to bring to the funeral home industry. And thus, FuneralFide.com was born—to bring trust, faith, and sincerity back to those who seek funeral home services.

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